seligman at nevis.columbia.edu seligman at nevis.columbia.edu
Fri Dec 23 12:20:11 EST 2005

I have installed Geant 4.8.0 on the Nevis Linux cluster.  

Unfortunately, I did not think far enough ahead in setting up the
library structure on the cluster.  There is a problem with
compatbility in the libstdc++ version associated with the Geant4.8.0
libraries.  The practical result is that to access this new version,
type "setup geant480 gcc32", which will also set up GCC 3.2 as your
default compiler.

This same library issue has made the Geant4.8.0 debugger version
essentially unusable.  You can try typing "setup geant480d", but I can
practically guarantee that it will not work.  I'm afraid I don't have
the time to address this issue further right now; perhaps I will be
able to do so when the inevitable Geant4.8.1 is released.

As with the latest version of ROOT (see the previous news item), I do
not plan to change the default of Geant4 in the immediate future.
Typing "setup geant4" will give you Geant4.7.0p01.

If you have any comments or questions, contact Bill Seligman.

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