[Nevis-linux] Printing at Nevis from laptops and Windows

William Seligman seligman at nevis.columbia.edu
Thu Jan 24 13:29:26 EST 2008

I'm contemplating some changes to the Nevis networks.  For the purposes of this 
message, the relevant change is that the Nevis printers may be moving to the 
private network, and no longer be visible to the outside world.

I'm not rushing into this change.  But I want to suggest a couple of tips that 
will make things easier, both now and later:

- Nevis Linux desktops won't affected by any such changes.  They use CUPS; see 

- Laptops are probably better off using the Nevis print server, since CUPS is 
not visible to laptops with a wireless connection.  There are instructions on 
how to configure print queues for Windows, Mac, and Linux laptops at:


- Windows systems that refer to a printer by its IP name (e.g., 
bw-research.nevis.columbia.edu) won't need any changes.  However, some older 
Windows systems may have had their printers set up using an IP address (e.g.,  I strongly advise a check of Windows print queues.  It's a 
little involved:

    - Start -> Settings -> Printers
    - Right-click on a printer and select "Properties"
    - Click on the "Ports" tab
    - Click on "Configure Port..."
    - Make sure the appropriate printer name is used, and not an IP address.

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