[Nevis-linux] "Stuck" e-mail

William Seligman seligman at nevis.columbia.edu
Wed Jan 30 14:36:10 EST 2008

Since this happened to two people today, I thought I'd remind everyone of a page 
I set up with instructions on what to do if your e-mail seems "stuck":


The symptoms include: long delays in trying to read e-mail; folders that 
suddenly appear to be empty; getting messages about being unable to write to 
your Send folder when sending e-mail.

A typical cause of this issue appears to be when a computer goes to sleep or is 
otherwise powered down while it's still running a mail reader.  The IMAP process 
on our mail server can remain running, and loses synchronization with your mail 
program when it tries to connect.  If you get these delays, you may want to try 
quitting your e-mail program before letting your laptop to go to sleep or going 
into suspend mode.

I have been unable to track down the cause of this problem; I think it's an 
issue with our IMAP server.  I'd go back to our previous IMAP server, which did 
not have this problem... but that had another problem: occasionally scrambling 
mail folders.  Given a choice between the two, I'll stick with the occasional 
stuck e-mail.

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