[Nevis-linux] porential emergency cluster shutdown system

William Seligman seligman at nevis.columbia.edu
Fri Jul 22 15:37:12 EDT 2011

The tests I describe below are concluded. However, there are still problems with
the air conditioning in room 119. So from this point forward, if you see warning
messages about temperature, they are real, not part of a test.

If you're logged into a Nevis system and you see a warning about a system
shutdown due to temperature, log off immediately (though you don't have much
choice). If you can still log in to any other system, save your work, cancel all
condor jobs, and log off again.

On 7/20/11 5:28 PM, William Seligman wrote:
> This evening, and possibly continuing on Friday, I'm going to test a procedure
> for shutting down computer systems in the event of a major air-conditioner
> failure in the computer room.
> As a result, you may receive e-mail messages or, if you're logged into the
> systems, warning messages with text such as "Emergency shutdown due to computer
> room temperature."

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