[Nevis-linux] GCC 4.7.2

William Seligman seligman at nevis.columbia.edu
Thu Oct 4 17:52:39 EDT 2012

I've installed GCC 4.7.2 on the Nevis Linux cluster. What makes this version
interesting is that it implements a large subset of the new C++11 standard:


To use this new version, type "setup gcc47"; for example:

setup gcc47
g++ -std=c++11 myprog.cc

Note that I have _not_ recompiled ROOT or Geant4 to use this new version of C++.
I will probably wait until the maintainers of those packages indicate that they
make use of the C++11 features. So this command probably won't let you compile
and link programs in the way you might otherwise expect:

setup root gcc47

And this command will ignore the "gcc47" part, since both "setup root" and
"setup geant4" include an implicit "setup gcc45":

setup gcc47 geant495

For now, "setup gcc47" will let you experiment with the new compiler features,
but that's about it.
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