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William Seligman seligman at nevis.columbia.edu
Wed Oct 17 12:54:43 EDT 2012

This message only affects those users with systems on which they've
custom-configured the DNS resolvers; these are the IP addresses of DNS servers
that are queried to translate an IP name (like 'mail.nevis.columbia.edu') into
an IP address (like '').

Columbia CUIT has changed their DNS and DHCP infrastructure. The alert message
is here:


What this means is that if you had '' in your list of DNS resolvers,
change it to

In general:

For a system at Nevis, a good set of DNS resolvers is:

This list is our secondary DNS server, our primary DNS server, and the main CU
DNS server to act as backup.

For a system on the private network, use:

For a system on campus, you probably want:

This list is CU's primary DNS server, their secondary DNS server, and a backup
Columbia DNS server maintained at the University of Michigan.

For laptops at Nevis, do NOT put in specific DNS servers; let our DHCP servers
supply them for you. This is because the IP addresses of some of our systems
change if you switch between our wired and wireless networks. For the gory
details, see


If you have device that only connects via wireless that you carry outside CU or
Nevis, you may want to consider using Google's DNS servers:

or OpenDNS, which has a reputation for maintaining additional security features:
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