[Nevis-linux] Nevis Seminar, Thursday, May 8, 11AM: Szymon Kulis, CLIC detector systems

William Seligman seligman at nevis.columbia.edu
Wed Apr 30 12:01:55 EDT 2014

Nevis Seminar

Szymon Kulis, PhD
Director, R&D for CLIC

The presentation reports on ongoing studies for a general purpose detector at
the future TeV-scale e+e- Compact LInear Collider (CLIC). Detector systems at
CLIC need to address a very different set of challenges compared to current
state-of-the-art detectors developed for the LHC. They have to fulfill
challenging demands for precision measurements of Standard Model processes and
for new physics searches. The design of the detectors is driven by the
requirements of excellent track-momentum and jet-energy resolution, excellent
flavor-tagging capability, and the ability to perform precision physics
measurements in the presence of beam-induced backgrounds. In the presentation,
the experimental environment at CLIC is introduced and the R&D status for
several sub-detector systems is highlighted.

Thursday, May 8, 2014
11:00 in the Nevis Library
Refreshments served

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