[Nevis-linux] Software updates: Geant4, CLHEP, GCC

William Seligman seligman at nevis.columbia.edu
Tue Dec 9 18:06:40 EST 2014

I've added the new Geant4.10.1 release to the Nevis Linux cluster. This version
includes many improvements to multi-threaded processing, physics processes, and
geometry. To use this new release, type "setup geant4101"; for the debugger
version, use "setup geant4101d". To see what's new in this release, visit:


To support this new release, I've included new other upgrades:

- GCC 4.9.2, the latest production version of the C/C++ compiler. This version
is being actively used at Fermilab, so it seemed appropriate to install it at
Nevis. If you want to use this compiler, type "setup gcc49".

- CLHEP, the latest version required by Geant4.10.1. If you want to use
this version separately, type "setup clhep2204".

Note that you do _not_ have to set up gcc or clhep in order to use geant4. When
you type "setup geant4101", the appropriate version of the other packages are
automatically set up as well.

At present, there no version of ROOT at Nevis that I've compiled with GCC 4.9.2.
If you need to use both ROOT and Geant4 in the same program, I recommend staying
with an older version of Geant4 for now.

To see a list of all the versions available via the Nevis setup command, just
type "setup". (This won't work if you've set up LArSoft or Athena, which install
their own versions of the "setup" command.)
William Seligman          | Phone: (914) 591-2823
Nevis Labs, Columbia Univ |
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Irvington NY 10533 USA    | http://www.nevis.columbia.edu/~seligman/

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