[Nevis-linux] Change in ROOT and Geant4 set up

William Seligman seligman at nevis.columbia.edu
Fri Feb 6 15:42:57 EST 2015

To the users of the "setup" command on the Nevis Linux cluster:

(Before you assume that you don't use "setup", check your .myprofile and
.profile files. The command can linger in scripts for years without you noticing.)

I would like to transition from using the custom Nevis "setup" command for
software packages (e.g., ROOT, Geant4, PAW) to using Environment Modules, which
is open-source.

In general, the change is simple; instead of typing

# setup root

you use

# module load root

For a description of Environment Modules and how to use them, please see the
Nevis wiki:


For a description of why I'm encouraging this transition, see:


Don't worry! Your scripts won't suddenly stop working. I'm not going to get rid
of the old "setup" command, just start adding new packages only as modules.
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