[Nevis-linux] ROOT, Geant4, and CentOS 7

William Seligman seligman at nevis.columbia.edu
Mon Mar 2 11:57:01 EST 2020

If you do _not_ use the "module load" command to activate ROOT or Geant4 in your 
environment, you can ignore the rest of this email.

I've made a few additions to the ROOT and Geant4 environment modules. Some of 
them are in anticipation of a Nevis cluster-wide upgrade to CentOS 7. The dates 
of the OS upgrade are still under discussion, but it will probably happen in 
March and April.

Here are the changes:

- There are now CentOS 7-compatible versions of ROOT and Geant4 available on the 
Linux cluster. They are:


The appropriate version compiled for a given operating system is loaded for each 
of the above, whether you're using Scientific Linux 6 or CentOS 7. For example:

# module load root geant4

will now work and will load root/06.16.00 and geant4/4.10.5, no matter which 
Linux version you're using.

- There are new versions of ROOT and Geant4 available on the Linux cluster, but 
they only work on CentOS 7:

# module load root/06.20.00

The release notes are here: <https://root.cern/doc/v620/release-notes.html>

module load geant4/4.10.6

# The release notes are here:


When you load these newest ROOT or Geant4 modules, you also automatically load 
the latest versions of the GCC compiler suite and python:


- If you are using versions of ROOT or Geant4 that are not listed above, and 
you're not in a position to update to a newer version, please get in touch with 
me. I'll see if I can compile what you're using for CentOS 7.

- If you want to test things: at this moment, these are the user-accessible 
systems that have CentOS 7 installed:



- Probably in the middle of May, I'm going to switch the default versions of 
ROOT and Geant4 (the ones you get if you just type "module load root geant4") to 
the latest versions, to give the summer students the latest and greatest.
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